Physical and digital spaces are converging.

The lines between digital and physical experiences are blurring and, in the best moments, being erased altogether. More and more, surrounding spaces will react to us and digital experiences will happen at architectural scale. The ways in which we interact with products, ideas, and brands will never be the same again. We founded Cactus as a first-of-its-class hybrid tasked with accelerating and optimizing this convergence.

We apply expertise in brand strategy, digital technology, architecture, software engineering, and innovation consulting to concept, create, and build new experiences, products, and services. This unique, multi-disciplinary approach equips us to turn ideas into reality. We take pride in our ability to work with visionary clients in uncharted territories. Collaboration, iteration, and calculated risk are the cornerstones of our practice.

Our Process

We like to approach projects with a holistic mindset. Our offerings start from conception and go all the way to real-world launch.

The Team

We have assembled a nimble, focused team from the strategy consulting, software engineering, architectural design, brand design, and user experience fields. This unique team structure allows us to provide a completely turnkey service to partners who are ready to show up in the digital and physical worlds in radical new ways.

Noah Waxman

Head of Strategy

Lucas Werthein

Head of Technology and Production

Marcelo Pontes

Head of Architecture

The Studios

New York

630 Flushing Ave, Suite 867
Brooklyn, NY

Rio de Janeiro

R. Rita Ludolf, 58 - Leblon
Rio de Janeiro - RJ

Our Clients

We seek long-term partnerships and have had the opportunity to collaborate with a lot of talented people.

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