We design and build new experiences, products and services. We pride ourselves on the ability to work with visionary clients in uncharted territories; we love to partner in tackling the thorniest businesses and design problems. And unlike a typical agency or consultancy, our work process extends through production and only ends when our ideas are launched successfully in the real world. 

Cactus' work units usually include brand strategy, architectural design, business design, user experience design, software development, hardware development, fabrication, video and animation production and immersive experiences.

Our projects are purposefully divided into three equal categories: client collaborations, ownership positions in startups we believe in, and in-house projects we take on because we think we have a chance to change the world.

Collaboration, iteration and calculated risk are the cornerstones of our practice. 


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We have assembled a nimble, focused team from the management consulting, software engineering, architectural design and user experience fields. This unique team structure allows us to provide a completely turnkey service to partners who are ready to show up in the digital and physical worlds in new and mind-blowing ways.


Noah is the head of strategy at Cactus. A creative and strategic leader with 15 years of experience in brand strategy, innovation consulting and entrepreneurship, Noah is focused on leading teams to produce creative work that is bold enough to capture imaginations while at once calculated enough to make an impact in the real world. Prior to founding Cactus, Noah was Strategy Director at Redscout where he helped C-suite clients tackle their thorniest innovation and brand challenges. 


Lucas is the head of technology and production at Cactus. Bridging creativity with technology in an organic and powerful way, he specializes in identifying efficiencies and resources that bring seemingly impossible projects into the realm of technical feasibility.  Lucas has had work at the Victoria and Albert Museum in London, FILE, and Creators Project and taught in the Design and Technology MFA at Parsons School of Design.


Marcelo Pontes is the head of architecture at Cactus. He directs projects that involve a wide range of capabilities including architectural design, home interiors, retail, industrial design, set design, exhibition design, events and art installations. Marcelo is focused on creating full sensory experiences that create a confluence of diverse elements. He is the recipient of multiple design awards and was previously a lead architect for Nike retail in Brazil.


Felipe Reif is the head of business development at Cactus. He has more than 15 years of experience working with companies that intersect business and technology. Focusing on business intelligence, he acted in several strategic planning projects in the retail market, adding deep knowledge of consumer behavior and the retail industry. Felipe has had leading roles in consulting companies with numerous projects presented as cases studies in conferences throughout Brazil.