When Beyonce is slated to perform in the United Nations for World Humanitarian Day, what is the most fantastic technical spectacle possible? 



We conceived of a massive projection mapping project unlike anything the world (especially the United Nations) had ever seen before. We transformed the iconic General Assembly of the United Nations into a living canvas, connecting it to a global audience. Molded to the unique architecture of the General Assembly Hall, we implemented the largest indoor concave projection screen ever created as an animated backdrop for a live performance of Beyoncé’s “I Was Here,” the adopted anthem of World Humanitarian Day. The project required a white/white blackout lining that became a flawless projection surface onto which ten synchronized and mapped projections covered the screen with 200,000 lumens, creating one continuous image. The music video shot during the show helped the World Humanitarian Day campaign reach over 2 billion people globally while maintaining the integrity of their mission.




RSA Films


Kenzo Digital Superuber