On average, people spend more than 11 hours a day interacting with media. Almost half of this time is used for social networks, most of which is composed of content created by the users themselves. Inspired by the concept of an online “self”, we asked our selves how we could illuminates the multitude of possibilities for an online persona and the potential for interaction with a highly intelligent computer (artificial intelligence)?



Our answer was to create an audio-visual experience in which the visitor comes face-to-face with a digital reflection of themselves and an AI’s attempts to understand their experiences. The Museum of Me is an immersive art installation that uses guests’ social media content as raw material for creating a personalized, immersive experience. Inside the walls of the installation, guests watch all around themselves as computer software and artificial intelligence culls information about them from social media and then creates a generative collage of their content. Colors, sounds, animations, spoken words, text, captions, likes, emojis, comments, and photos are displayed in an animated chorus. The experience is overcoming, memorable and never the same twice. Images multiply and expand across the screens and are reflected by mirrors within the space, overlaid with computer-generated content that both enhances and distorts the visuals. The result is a lush, kaleidoscopic collage of their digital life comprised of images, words and audible voices from their online personas all paired with an AI’s generated words and ideas.




A Cactus Art Project