How could we create a tool for democratic and artistic expression allowing renowned artist Ai Weiwei, legally unable to leave Beijing, to participate in a 2014 conference in Berlin that promoted the discussion of innovation within the scientific community?



Our solution was the creative direction and implementation of Moon, a continuously evolving open online interface where global participants can mark and explore a digital moonscape. Since its launch at the Falling Walls conference in November 2013, this interactive lunar landscape has amassed over 80,000 entries, growing from a blank white canvas to a dense collection of diverse responses. The project is egalitarian in nature; it can be accessed by anyone with an internet connection thus transcending global borders, and includes “graffiti” space for international messaging allowing for the democratization of the creative and artistic process. Moon’s open call for creative input is a powerful statement about the potential for ideas to connect people across vast distances and breaks through political, social, and geographical boundaries in the internet age. It allowed for Ai Weiwei’s meaningful participation in the conference, even from afar in China.




Ai Wei Wei & Olafur Eliasson


Marcello Pisu


Shahar Zaks Line Break Studio
Mindy Chu   Jason Aston