When a collaboration formed between Nike USA's Department of Retail Design and Nike Brazil during the 2014 World Cup, we were tasked with designing a version of their brand experience store dedicated solely to soccer that echoed the new Nike worldwide signature of a more industrial look.



Industrial-style design naturally brings forth local Brazilian personality, which was one of our main goals in this creative concept. It requires walls be stripped, exposing original material and architecture. To emphasize and saturate this element we brought in local graffiti artists, vibrant colors, and tropical motifs to accent the Brazilian influence. To further root the retail experience in the unique world of Brazilian culture, we also featured products related to local soccer clubs and celebrated local trends. Premeditated and cutting-edge technology, architecture, lighting design and safety precautions delivered seamless results without costly afterthought. In fact the design and production went so well that Nike replicated our successful model and established 22 Nike Stores under the Nike Latin America brand, and integrated soccer product sales in storefronts around the world.