At 837, Samsung’s flagship NYC store and experience space, how could we design an interactive installation that used Samsung’s products to create emotional connections between people and technology?



Our answer was to set 837 apart with a completely new type of experience. Two of our founders (previously founders of BlackEgg) worked with Kenzo Digital to create an experience that led visitors through a mind-bending installation of their own social media history meshed with Samsung products. By passing through the installation, each individual’s own past, present and future were used as raw material to create ultra-personal, meaningful reflections. A two-part experience, Social Galaxy begins with an infinitely reflected tunnel of Samsung screens filled with the personal Instagram content of each participant, hashtags narrated by a soundscape of multiple male and female voices reading them aloud. The personal past becomes a dynamic and present technological and all encompassing experience. This is followed by entrance into a three-story tall LED screen that ultimately connects guests to the entire 837 community through personal portraits of each participant at a photo booth using a Samsung Galaxy S6 phone. Each portrait is made up of thousands of small images pulled from the personal Instagram feed of each participant, as well as the collective pool of past 837 visitors’ Instagram feeds – a reflection of self as a culmination of individual and community experiences. Social Galaxy was able to use memories to synthesize technology and identity in an immersive, emotional, and impactful way. A physical synthesis of technology and identity.

Black Egg Installation at Samsung 837.jpg



Samsung North America


Kyle McDonald Kenzo Digital
Lauren McCarthy