It all starts and ends with the Brand Wall. This is about community and connection, as the Brand Wall functions as canvas to celebrate Samsung’s consumers and visitors in awe inspiring style. 


The Social Mosaic experience is always evolving and expanding - even for return visitors. If people return to the exhibit and have a new portrait taken, the mosaic pieces that make up the image will all be new. Their image will be connected in an entirely new and captivating way, as the bucket of complementary social stream content from previous visitors has expanded since their last visit.   A mind-bending walk through the tunnel in the Exhibit Space culminates at with a large-scale reveal at the exhibit’s heroic centerpiece, the Brand Wall, offering a show-stopping spectacle to launch event crowds and reveals to all who enter a reflection of themselves they may only see once in their lifetimes. It’s all a playful deconstruction of time and space that becomes the tangible embodiment of an individual’s social media DNA. It’s all at once epic and intimate, an eye-opening experience for the individual and the public, and it can only be made possible by Samsung technology, in this singular space. 


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Upon entering 837 Washington, the visitor is immediately captivated by the nucleus of our exhibit - the iconic Brand Wall. Cast upon this massive surface is a large-scale mosaic portrait comprised of countless images. The visitor does not know who the person is on the screen, or the significance of what they are looking at…yet. The next thing the visitor notices is the portrait displayed on the Brand Wall curiously reflected and deconstructed in strategically positioned mirrors on the exterior of an installation in the Exhibit Space. This reflection serves as a beacon, drawing the visitor into the Exhibition Space. They can see the beginning of a mysterious journey, and its inevitable yet totally unpredictable end.

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When the visitor first entered 837, this monolithic piece was a breathtaking and intriguing work of art. Now, as the visitor’s journey culminates, the Brand Wall is also a deeply personal rendering of who that individual is. It’s an unprecedented panoramic view of the nexus of community and identity - past, present, and future - personified through the lens of unrivaled technology. It connects the visitor from the past, to the visitor of the present, and the visitor of the present to the visitor of the future. A relay race/ exquisite corpse of sorts. As more visitors participate, the library of our content and mosaic pieces grows. While each portrait is different and a reflection of themselves, so are all of the pieces that make it up. Each portrait is made up of the visitors core social stream, but also consists of the social streams of past visitors.

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Samsung North America

Design And Architecture

Marcelo Pontes

Software Development

Kyle Mcdonald

Lauren McCarthy

Technology Direction

Lucas Werthein


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