How can a new high-end mall in Bangkok, Thailand introduce a cutting-edge attraction to its space that reinforces their newness, increases foot traffic and creates a connection between people and the lifestyle ideas that the mall represents?


Our solution was Social Discovery, a 4ft x 8ft multi-screen video wall in a seemingly infinite room where the user is presented with an almost panoramic view of their social media presence. At the start of the experience, the visitor enters their Instagram handle into the system and picks a lifestyle such as fashion, sports, or music that they feel best represents their personality. The system then selects a certain percentage of images that support that lifestyle and mixes it with the user’s content. The user walks through a display of their social media history and once they have experienced the full extent of their profile they are shown their most popular posts, which are displayed on every screen throughout the installation. Since it is a large space, the visitors can bring family and friends along with them, so it becomes a shared and communal experience. Social Discovery created an experience unique to the Bangkok mall, drew in customers, created connection, and asserted a high-end technologically savvy lifestyle representative of the culture of the mall.


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Siam Piwat


Marcelo Pontes


Craig Pickard




Lucas Werthein

Creative Direction

Kenzo Digital