How, from inside of the competitive Brazilian shopping mall industry, could we help a mall like Shopping Praia da Costa differentiate itself from its competitors with a revolutionary attraction that reaffirms both their uniqueness and capacity for innovation? 



We conjured VIX: a cutting edge, 24-person simulation ride that transports guests to a parallel reality and allows them to live a magical experience through the use of immersive sounds, visuals, scents, wind, heat and mist. The $4 million dollar project required a combination of six thousand pixels, uncompressed video, an 18.3 3D audio system, immersive special effects and synchronized movements with six-axis motion of freedom. It provided guests with a natural, vivid and immersive experience in flying, gliding and speeding through magical landscapes such as a mesmerizing underwater voyage, a flight over high up cliffs, a levitating journey through thin air, or a sweet-smelling walk through a wet forest. With a combination of imaginative storylines and powerful technology, we created the first immersion ride ever in Latin America, and a shared and unforgettable experience for mall-goers, thus setting Shopping Praia da Costa far ahead of its competitors.